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Make Money at Home through PTC Sites:

It is a very good way that how to make money with PTC sites. Now-a-days PTC Sites are in very commonly use. Through PTC sites you can make a lot of money. Even I started my online work with PTC sites. My first task on internet was PTC. I had an amazing experience with PTC sites.

Well! What are PTC sites? We must have to know about that…
PTC Sites:
PTC stands for Pay to Click. You receive money when we saw ads from any one PTC site.
If you are interested to make money online through PTC, Firstly you have to open your account in any multi national bank e.g., Payza Bank, Payoneer Bank, paypal Bank etc. when you signed up PTC sites it asks about your multi national bank. Now question arise how to open Multi National account?

                Go to that bank sides through which you want to open bank account. Like, for open Payza bank you first have to go that bank side and you will receive a form which u have to fill and verified it with National ID card and your home electricity Bill. Then you will have your bank account.

How ptc sites work

About PTC Sites:

I     Very important part of PTC sites is Referral.
      There are two kinds:

  1.             Direct Referral
  2.              Rented Referral  
      Direct referral means (When you make account in PTC site, Then they give you a referral link which is used to refer to other for this site )
     After that this referral will work for lifetime. 
     Rented referral that you buy through money and it’s for short time.
    Watch Video Below for More Information.

 Estimated Earning:

For example; estimate earning for one site.
If you click from 6 to 8 ads daily = $0.04 to $0.06
20 referrals click 6 ads per day = $0.8
Then your Daily earning will be = $0.84
Your monthly earning will be = $25.2
You can earn more money by increases your referrals. From this $25 you can rent 100 referral:
Now you can click from 6 to 8 ads per day = $0.04 to $0.06
100 referrals clicks 6 ads per day = $4
Now your daily earning is = $4.04
Your monthly earning is = $121.2
You can more or more money by your ads and by your referrals. you see extra ads and get extra money. And make extra referrals. Even you can make $500 through one site.

Best PTC Sites:
                          Most PTC sites are scam or Fraud. You must read properly any one PTC site, read FAQ ( Frequently Ask Question ). Many PTC Sites Blocked after some Time.
But These Sites are not Scam and Fraud. I am also working in these sites. 

Firstly make an account in Payza Bank after that click one by one and Create an account.
By clicking this banner you create an account on Payza Bank.

send and receive money with payza

When yoy open an Account on Payza Bank . Now you may be able to create account on All PTC Sites.
So Follow my instruction and register in all these PTC Sites Below.

Ojooo: Ojooo is trusted and famous PTC site.
Click on the banner below .

make money with PTC sites

Clixsence: Clixsence is also trusted Site, Click on benner below.
And registered on it.

make money through clixsence

ProBux: Probux is also one trusted Site. Make money with ProBux.
Click on the banner below.

online ptc sites

FuseBux: FuseBux is trusted Site.
Register on it by clicking on banner below.


Register on all these sites .. In starting you earn slowly but after some time you make more and more referral and make More Money. Remember me in our Prayers.

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